The Coming Energy Boom Is Set To Change Lives Forever

Solar energy is perhaps the most elegant solution to our energy needs. The sun blasts our planet’s surface with more than enough energy to keep us going forever. Solar energy is clearly the future. Till date, humanity has only scratched the surface of the sun’s true potential. The sun deploys more energy to the planet’s surface than what’s used every year. While the costs have reduced drastically over the years, the technology has remained the same.
The relentless drive of technology will eventually help solar energy contribute a major part in the annual energy needs. Better and more efficient devices will be powered by the sun and have the ability to store this energy for longer periods.

The rising demand for power along with extreme urbanization makes the time ripe for India to embrace all things solar. While we observe a huge growth in its rooftop solar and grid market across the country, DC solar products are seeing good traction in rural India.

India, which accounts for about 6 percent of total world energy demand, is making strides with renewables, but needs more investments, the IEA said. India aims to triple its renewable power capacity by 2022 to 175 gigawatts by drawing on new solar and wind energy sources.

“Still, significant new investment in the grid, greater regional integration and market design that rewards flexibility from more efficient thermal generation and hydropower will be important for a more robust system with a high level of solar and wind.”

India’s new government, led by Narendra Modi, plans to use solar power to bring electricity to the homes of 400 million people who currently do not have access to it. According to a report filed by Bloomberg, the BJP-led government would further enhance its commitment to aggressively implement the National Solar Mission that aims to install 20,000 MW of grid-connect solar power capacity and 2,000 MW of distributed solar power capacity by 2022.

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